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Addo Elephant National Park

A Pachyderm paradise for those of you who love large mammal lovers. Elephants everywhere.  This park’s conservation efforts increased the elephant population from 16 in 1931 to almost 500 today. A Self-drive tour along the singular road will lead you to an abundance of elephants, antelope, cape buffalo, and warthogs. You can really get close […]

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Tsitsikamma National Park

Magical and wild beauty abounds with every foot fall and paddle stroke here in the amazing Tsitsikamma National Park located on the Garden Route. This is a place where your shutter finger gets a real workout. Bring all your lenses – super wide, macro and the telephoto – to get it all. Rough surf, Indiana […]

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De Hoop Nature Reserve

What do whales and ostriches have in common? They both reside in the wild and remote De Hoop Nature Reserve. The reserve, a mecca for  watching the endangered Southern Right Whale migrate, includes 70 km of rugged coastline and sandy beaches.  In October we observed about 50 whales with their young calves from only about […]

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One of the largest breeding grounds of the Great White Shark is on the South African coast, a two-hour drive east of Cape Town in a small fishing village called Gansbaii. Here you’ll find an abundance of shark cage dive operators who will take you out on a boat, suit you up to face the icy Atlantic […]

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With its verdant fields, smokey mountains and magic light that changes often – early, late and even in the middle of the day – this “Napa Valley of South Africa” will give you lots of opportunities to capture sweeping landscapes. Cloud formations bend  light to create emotional skies over rolling hills dressed with lush vineyards […]

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Khayelitsha, one of the largest black townships in South Africa with a million people.  When Cape Town implemented apartheid in the 1980’s all blacks had to live in designated areas, shanty towns with little or no infrastructure, located just outside the city limits of Cape Town. We stayed at Kopanong Bed & Breakfast www.kopanong-township.co.za That evening Mpho […]

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Tanda Tula Day 6

Termite Mounds, Spiders, Leadwood Tree, Vultures and the endangered Southern Ground Hornbill This is the day we rented the private guide and vehicle so that we could stop and photograph what we wanted without pressure from any of the other safari guests to move along. Highly recommended for photographers. Makes sense to do it on your last […]

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Tanda Tula Day 5

A Fresh Kill. The lion pride we had tracked all week brought out the “Dexter” in us as we documented them devouring a giraffe in less than a day.  Others waited their turn i.e. vultures and a hyena. Again your longer lens will assist in getting the expressions on the animals’ faces. We were only […]

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Tanda Tula Day 4

You never know where the animals might be over hundreds of thousands of acres so you need good trackers. Our trackers equipped with only walkie-talkies ( no guns ) were dropped off to follow fresh lion tracks on foot. At the watering hole we spotted a bull who having escaped death still had a deep […]

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Tanda Tula Day 3

The Day of the Wild Dog. Don’t be fooled by their sweet faces and doggy eyes these canines can shred a Cape Buffalo to the bone in less than 8 minutes. We drove into a herd of 400 Cape Buffalo and got the stare down from the bulls. We caught two of the young males […]

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