What To Wear To Burning Man?

Photographer and Writer, Erica Martin shares her experience and images from Burning Man 2011

Aside from your water bottle, there are two essential items to have with you at all times.  One is a good pair of goggles.  I got some round motorcycle-type goggles from an army surplus store, and then cut out dense foam circles and attached them to keep the dust out and sit comfortably on my face.  The second is a good dust mask.  The white painters kind are pretty useless.  I brought several from filtr-it.com – the ones for particulate matter are the type to get.  They are neoprene with a functional breathing valve.  Comfortable, breathable, even stylish (see photo), and keep you from bringing half the playa home in your lungs!  The next most important thing is your foot gear.  Do you want to tower over the crowd?  Match your tutu?  Join the Black Rock City Apres-ski Club?  I opt for comfortable leather boots, that breathe, and that you can ride a bike in.  The faux leather platforms are hot looking, but are ankle-breakers on the uneven playa, and tough to cycle in.  Just add a tutu and you’re set.  After that, things that sparkle are fun, as are things that light up at night.  It’s one of the world’s biggest costume parties, and anything from pink elephants to lizards to french courtiers to holographic bodypaint can be seen on the playa, so get out there and be seen!

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