What To Drive At Burning Man?


Photographer and Writer, Erica Martin shares her experience and images from Burning Man 2011

Most folks bring a bicycle.  It is a great way to get around the five miles or so of Black Rock City, and explore the far reaches of the playa.  I cover mine with fur, different colors every year, which is both festive and protects the bike.  A plush fur bike seat cover is a good way to prevent one from getting too saddle sore.  If you plan on motorized transportation, check in with the Department of Mutant Vehicles first.  There are amazing art cars on the playa, from giant tall ships majestically sailing along, to huge dragons, battling insects, mastodons (see photo), eyeballs and mushrooms.  You name it, it’s on wheels there, usually with a bar and soundsystem.  Catch a ride on an art car one night and be transported to another world!

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