Tsitsikamma National Park

Magical and wild beauty abounds with every foot fall and paddle stroke here in the amazing Tsitsikamma National Park located on the Garden Route. This is a place where your shutter finger gets a real workout. Bring all your lenses – super wide, macro and the telephoto – to get it all.

Rough surf, Indiana Jones suspension bridges, jungle, waterfalls and deep gorges makes this one of the most beautiful places on earth to photograph and a fun place to play. For adventure seekers – We kayaked the turbulent Indian Ocean then up Storms River Mouth, a gorge with deep caves, and after scrambling up the river’s massive boulders we laid flat on lilos and floated down the river with Untouched Adventures ¬†www.untouchedadventures.com ¬†Bring along an underwater housing to ensure you enjoy it all without worry.

We hiked the infamous Otter Trail for a half day that lead us through coastal and forest areas where we detailed red-orange lichen clinging to rocks and trees, dramatic mushrooms, ocean spray and wild orchids. The organic mixture of salty air and jungle fog seduced us to into a photographic frenzy.

One of the most spectacular sunsets we’ve ever seen occurred here.