Tanda Tula Day 6

Termite Mounds, Spiders, Leadwood Tree, Vultures and the endangered Southern Ground Hornbill

This is the day we rented the private guide and vehicle so that we could stop and photograph what we wanted without pressure from any of the other safari guests to move along. Highly recommended for photographers. Makes sense to do it on your last day. And the price is not bad.

So what did we want to photograph? Not more lions, or giraffes, or elephants but the amazing spider hotels.

Fascinated with the spider nests, made of twigs and leaves, in the spindly trees we stopped to investigate. Hundreds of spiders live inside. Our tracker, Given aka the “Spider Whisper” coaxed one of them out with a twig for a nice macro shot.

Throughout the veld termite mounds sit like icebergs floating in Antarctica, with the top being only the tip of a vast termite colony underneath. Colonies grow to six feet or taller.

Southern Ground Hornbill – is on the red list of threatened species as it breeds only once every seven years with two chicks of which only one will survive. Or could it be that this bad-ass snake-eating bird is endangered due to tangling with Back Mambas. We were lucky catching one crossing our path.