With its verdant fields, smokey mountains and magic light that changes often – early, late and even in the middle of the day – this “Napa Valley of South Africa” will give you lots of opportunities to capture sweeping landscapes. Cloud formations bend  light to create emotional skies over rolling hills dressed with lush vineyards and quaint cottages.  The French Huguenots settled this land, once  occupied by large herds of elephants, in the late 1600’s and although  French is not spoken here today, Franschhoek ( French Corner ), definitely plays on its origins with charming architecture, good food and wine.

Go with the super wide lens here ( 10mm ) for a good start in documenting this magical landscape. Also bring a telephoto lens ( 120-400 mm) and a macro for details of vineyards and flowers carpeting the valley. Tip for flower lovers go to the Huguenot Memorial Museum’s flower garden.