Cayucos, California’s Central Coast

Our friend, Ann says that when you arrive at the exit to Cayucos, make a left, and land right in the middle of the 1960’s. This authentic California beach town has escaped development retaining a low-key vibe that keeps us coming back for its sprawling flat beaches, wild surf, and ever-changing light.

Birders…this is for you. Grab a kayak in Morro Bay, 5 minutes south of Cayucos, and the longest lens you have to photograph a plethora of shorebirds. Kayaking allows you to drift respectfully close to flocks of white pelicans, blue heron, and egrets. There are over 400 species of birds in the Cayucos-Morro Bay area. On a recent weekend trip we found a few.

If kayaking is not your thing then drive to Los Osos and hike the spit towards Morro Rock you’ll see plenty of birds, raging surf and spectacular dunes.

You never know what kind of sunset will appear, one day it’s purple, the next orange, yellow, or pink. Each one is unique setting above the rolling waves and wide beaches.

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