Addo Elephant National Park

A Pachyderm paradise for those of you who love large mammal lovers. Elephants everywhere.  This park’s conservation efforts increased the elephant population from 16 in 1931 to almost 500 today.
A Self-drive tour along the singular road will lead you to an abundance of elephants, antelope, cape buffalo, and warthogs. You can really get close to these amazing animals in your own vehicle. The park roads bring you to a series of watering holes where the wild kingdom comes to quench their thirst, graze and interact with each other. You can stay and watch for as long as you want. We shot soooooo many photos…but that’s what multiple 16 gig cards are for, right?

Consider the warthog. We adore these short, fierce, hairy wild pigs ….pointy warts and all. We did have a complete portrait session with one particular wart hog. He stood there calmly while we photographed him with a 400 mm lens. We noticed that he lost a bit of his fighting tusk and had a gash along his side. How did the other guy look?

Addo also has a plethora of birds. We were in a hide above a nesting habitat for  Yellow Weavers and Red Bishops armed with a 400 mm lens and tripod.

We rented a self-catering cottage inside the park which gave us early morning access to the watering holes. Don’t worry if you have forgotten any items the park has a mini-grocery store and a restaurant.