Clamp it !

Clamp and ball head on Rover roll bar

Stabilizing your camera is key when you’re in a situation when using a tripod is out of the question. If you
have something stable to clamp on to, say a shark dive cage then you’re in luck.

I recommend attaching the Matthews Studio Clamp to a Manfroto Ball Head to lock down any shot that is in
front of you. The Matthews Studio clamp has a big bite that can be placed and tightened to anything solid.
When used on land in a moving vehicle with the Manfroto Ball Head 496RC2 attached, you can quickly level
your horizon line.

In the water when currents and surge make it impossible to hold a shot steady for any length of time this
simple set up delivers the money shot every time.  Total weight is under a pound easily fitting in your dive or
field bag without a second thought.  Items can be purchased at for around $150.00

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Clamp and ball head with underwater housing

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