Itineraries that create transformation in your travel and photographs

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

Travel should transform. Your itinerary can lead you to adventures of the heart and soul if you plan for opportunities to meet and interact authentically with people. Localizing, as they say, is the best way to gain access for unique experiences, awesome photos and world friends for life.

Years ago while visiting a remote mountain village on the island of Sumatra I saw people decorating a community center. Curious, I stopped to ask about it. They told me there was a wedding the next day and invited me. When I arrived, gift and camera in hand, I had access to photograph the grand celebration. The bride even asked me to sing a song.

Bukkingtingi, Sumatra


In Sulawesi I volunteered at a local English school for a day.     The school announced there would be a guest teacher. I told the packed class about my interest in photographing local ceremonies. After class one of the students asked me to join her at a friend’s wedding the following day. We hiked for several hours before reaching a small village where I photographed a special ceremony.

Sulawesi, Indonesia


Curiosity, friendliness and community service opened doors and created opportunities I could have never imagined.

My advice is to localize by being curious about everything going on around you. Create conversation. Be generous. Share.

A few other ideas ….
Ask the locals. Talk with people about where to go to eat and what is going on outside the tourist areas
Check local newspapers. It’s more interesting and authentic to go to a local event than a show staged for tourists.
Avoid tourist areas. They are full of overpriced goods and services with little chance of experiencing the culture.
Volunteer one day. Go to a local school, charity or organization that coincides with your interests.
Donate to a local school or church. If you are going to a developing country bring a suitcase full of school supplies
Be open and friendly.

by Marie Turner


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