Canon Power Shot SX200 IS …Wow

The New Canon Powershot SX200

With so many cool features packed into a palm sized digital camera body one must wonder what is coming next. The SX200 has a stunning retractable 28-340mm lens with true image stabilization. Low light or bright, this camera produces crisp wide-screen landscapes at (4000×2248) features a “don’t get bit” super macro setting (0-2cm, 0.79in) for spiders or other insects and last but not least, killer 1280×720 HD video to record foreign military field exercises.

The real reason I love this camera? It has a fully functional manual setting, basically giving the photographer free rein to do what ever is possible in the moment. Don’t buy this camera on my recommendation go check it out for yourself at your local camera store and get a grip on upping your photography game.

Oh yeah, only one negative, the flash always launches when powering on. Using duct tape to hold it down is not an option. I have field tested this camera for the last year and have not been compensated in any way for doing so.

By Jim Sanderson








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One Response to “Canon Power Shot SX200 IS …Wow”

  1. scott schell February 20, 2012 2:31 pm #

    I bought this on ebay at Jim’s recommendation. It is great, but you have to have some skill at taking photos in order to get a great one. Jim and Marie have the skill.

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