Cleopatra on a Journey

There is nothing more torturous than desiring travel. To go! Get there, localize. Looking at those who’ve traversed before us – Polo, Muir, and Armstrong – we identify with their yearning to explore the unknown. Adventure always the goal.
Our favorite traveler, Cleopatra, certainly got around and did it in lavish style and comfort.
Drawing on the experiences of these famed travelers we have created our own approach documenting the beautiful landscapes and local cultures at all ends of the earth, posting our itineraries, reviewing the gear we use, and sharing our images.

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Who We Are

De Hoop Nature Reserve

Marie Turner
Photographer, Blogger

Trekking through the dunes at De Hoop National Park in South Africa transported me back to my first trip to Kenya many years ago. The Kenya journey illuminated how little I knew about this magnificent world and it’s beautiful inhabits; human and animal. My passion became to capture it all.

My life is about photography, traveling and connecting with people and their cultures. Transformative travel happens with research and creating flexible itineraries that place you in the ultimate experience … climatically and culturally.

Check out Itineraries where I give tips on how you can localize and land inside unique celebrations of healing, holy matrimony and death.

De Hoop Nature Reserve

Jim Sanderson
Photographer, Blogger

I fell in love with photography while living in Europe. That passion fueled by travel found me working with water scientists, archeologists, historians and geologists for the last ten years creating images to preserve and protect our environment.

Putting together the right gear to successfully pull off these assignments has been through personal and sometimes painful trial and tribulation. I invite you to check out everything from how to choose the right underwater camera housing, select the right lens for your safari game drive, and how to pack light saving your back on your next trek to Tibet in Gear Reviews.